Takashi Kuribayashi + Cinema Caravan at Roppongi Art Night 2023


Takashi Kuribayashi + Cinema Caravan, installed their large installation project "Tanker Project" for the first time in Tokyo.

Tanker Project at Roppongi, photo ArtTank

A fringe of the Tanker Project started by Takashi Kuribayashi was unveiled for the first time in Tokyo.

A collaborative project by Takashi Kuribayashi and Cinema Caravan was well received at documenta fifteen held last year (2023) in Kassel Germany. This time, the team was invited to make a installation for Roppongi Art Night 2023. In addition to the installation "Outside of Mosquito Net" shown at documenta, new installation was added to be part of the larger installation having a new installation project name "Tanker Project".

artist's statement:

Dozens of large tankers were stranded and abandoned in the open sea as far as one could see in any direction.〝Tankers leave port under the influence of storms and typhoons and roam the seas of the world. Plants and creatures from all over the world will continue to grow on the tanker, creating one big ecosystem and creating the world of the tanker.〟

line of YATAI, waiting for the opening / May 26 2023, a night before the opening / photo by ArtTank

The tanker project started from Kuribayashiʼs fantasy. It is a tanker island where all the energy of the earth is put on a real tanker and sailed freely around the world. The process of realizing it is also part of the project, and the tanker will sail the real and virtual seas. At Roppongi Art Night, Kuribayashiʼs project 〝Outside the Mosquito Net,〟 which includes the work 〝Genki Roh,〟 which participated in last year's Documenta 15 with his Cinema Caravan, 〝YATAI TRIP,〟 and which is also part of Kuribayashi's lifework, we will put into service a tanker that carries the energy of everyone who gathers in this arena.


The Genki Furnace is like a tanker's engine. In the middle of the night on the 28th, the Genki Roh was put into operation and herb steam was sent into the Genki Roh. Many people experienced the work.

"Genki Ro" can be conceived as an engine of the tanker. In the midnight hours on 28, steam of herbs was sent inside the "Genki Ro". Visitors made a long line to experience the work.

Activation of Genki Ro / May 28 3:30AM / photo by ArtTank

exhibition period: 10:00AM, May 27, 2023 to 18:00 May 28, 2023

venue: Roppongi Hills Arena