Takashi Kuribayashi + CINEMA CARAVAN at documenta fifteen


On July 18, 2022 in Kassel, Germany, documenta fifteen finally met its opening. Installation by Japanese Artist, Takashi Kuribayashi and his team started their journey in the exhibition.

Takashi Kuribayashi and CINEMA CARAVAN at documenta fifteen, installed at Karlswiese, June 2022, photo: Takashi Kuribayashi

In documenta fifteen, the site for takashi Kuribayashi and CINEMA CARAVAN was not confirmed till the last moment. Therefore, the artist team decided to work on movable art installation using wooden frame and mosquito nets which are easy to be re-assembled. The opening event was on the lawn located by the Orangerie.

preparation before the opening ©Takashi Kuribayashi and Cinema Caravan

Lit in the center stands Genki-ro No.4. Herbal steam is sent from the oven on the left through a pipe, making the work itself a sauna.

Using a building located at Hafenstraße, in Fulda area as their open studio, the team worked during 100 days of documenta fifteen moving from one place to another gradually expanding their installation. In the first week from the opening, the installation was already moved in front of Fridericianum Museum in Friedrichsplatz.

After Friedrichsplatz, the work moved to Hafenstraße.

Takashi Kuribayashi + CINEMA CARAVAN at Friedrichsplatz ⒸTakashi Kuribayashi and CINEMA CARAVAN

ⒸTakashi Kuribayashi and CINEMA CARAVAN