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Copy Right and Terms and Conditions for Use of Website

Operation and Management

This website is operated and managed by Arttank Ltd (the “Company”). We would like to ask you before using this website, please read all the issues below and consent to those terms and conditions. If you use this website, you shall be deemed to have consented to all terms and conditions for the use of this website.

Limitation of Liability

Whilst we take care regarding the contents of this website, including the information, text, data, images, photos, videos and other information contained in this website, we provide no warranty of any kind regarding that content and we shall not be liable for any damage incurred by you arising from or in relation to your use of that content.

The Company may amend or delete the contents of this website without notice, and may temporarily suspend, permanently discontinue or abolish this website without notice. Our website include links to other websites that are not managed by our Company. The Company shall not bear any liability regarding this website or any other website to which there is a link contained in this website.


All copyright, (including personal use rights and neighboring rights) appearing in this website in formats of text, image, photo, picture, video, music, program or any other content contained in this website (collectively, “Contents”) is owned by either the Company or the right holder with respect thereto. Any copying, public transmission, recitation, reproduction of any Contents beyond the scope permitted for private use under the Copyright Act is prohibited by the Copyright Act. If you wish to undertake any of the foregoing acts, you shall consult the Company through the Contact Form prior to your action.


In principle, this website is link-free.  We greatly appreciate your contact to the Company when you would like to link with this website. Please note, however, that we may refuse your link, at our discretion.

Governing Law

You shall be deemed to have consented that both the Company and you shall be governed by solely in accordance with the laws of Japan regarding the usage of this Website.

Privacy Policies

Use of private information

ArtTank Ltd shall manage personal information (names, email address, phone number etc) obtained through the Contact Form of the website in a legal and appropriate manner through the following policy.

Purpose of Use of Private Information

We will use the private information in order to reply to your contact.  We may send e-mail to your private address as part of our services. If you would prefer not to receive this information, we will stop the service soon receiving your request.

Provision of private information to third parties

Following the regulation, we will not offer your private information to third parties without your express permission.

Provision and Amendment of private information

We will promptly follow your request within a reasonable extent to provide and correct your personal information only if we are able to know that the request is from that individual.

Compliance of the Rules and Laws regarding Personal Information

We, ArtTank Ltd. shall follow laws related to private information protection and the guideline.

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