Miyuki Takenaka, solo exhibition “Never Ending Journey” at Ogaki City, Suitopia Center


Miyuki Takenaka holds solo exhibition at City of Ogaki, Gigu Prefecture

Installation room No.1 / photo by Nakamura Akira

Solo exhibition by Miyuki Takenaka was held at the public culture complex, Suitopia Center, Ogaki City in Gifu Prefecture. Ogaki is the final destination of Basho Matsuo (1644 1694), the best known poet from Edo period , famous for establishing the style of "haiku". Ogaki is the destination of this poet's journey to accomplish his masterpiece "Oku-no Hosomichi", while for the artist, Ogaki was her starting point. Overlapping the two journeys, Basho who started from Edo (Tokyo) to Ogaki, and Takenaka who started from Ogaki to Tokyo, the artist has combined numerous material from the passage where the poet has stopped by, to create large installations for the exhibition.

ArtTank has worked together with the artist visualize various new ideas to make new kind of installations which the artist has never created before.

展示室3 / photo by Nakamura Akira
installation room No.3 / photo by Nakamura Akira


Installation room No. 3, detail / photo by Nakamura Akira

Installation room No.2 / photo by Nakamura Akira

exhibition period: Feb. 4 to Mar. 21, 2023

venue: Suitopia Center, City of Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture