Report:Kensuke Karasawa work at the guest room

Installed Kensuke Karasawa's work, and desigbed the overall space of a private guest room

Entering the door, visitors will see the top of the mountains. And moving in to the guest room, finally one will be able to see the whole work. The sculpture may remind of clouds with mountains or mountains with snow. It is a engraving of wood material showing the details of wild nature floating over the glass stage.

The work is done by an artist, Kensuke Karasawa entitled " Same Horizon - Three Mountains of Echigo". The artist has been working with mountain series for a while, but he has always stay away to make real mountains, always working with abstract concept he had of "mountains". For the first time, the artist made a site-specific work for the series which is close to this guest room where the work would stay.

Three Mountains of Echigo photo: ArtTank
detail Photo:ArtTank

ArtTank worked with the artist and the architect create the best setting to install the work, considering the movement of perspective and overall volume of space where visitors would experience

the artist: Kensuke Karasawa, Born in 1987 Aichi. recent solo exhibitions include; Take Ninagawa/Tokyo 2012, Pale Light / 石川 2014, Star Gallery 2012~2015/Beijing 2015, Gallery αM/Tokyo 2017 etc.