Kou Kana, exhibition at Toyko Museum of Contemporary Art、Tokyo


Masterpiece by Kou Kana shown at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo from Nov. 13, 2021 to Feb. 23, 2022.

Kou Kana / Secret of Hanasuwa Island / 2013 / photo: ArtTank

As a part of their collection exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, from March 19, 2022 to June 19, 2022, they will be opening a new series entitled "MOT Collection: Garden of Light / Continuing Whispers". As a part of masterpieces from the collection, the museum will be showing Christian Boltanski and Hiraku Suzuki, Kou Kana etc. Along with her works which were exhibited in MOT Annual in 2014, Kou Kana's masterpiece shown in Setouchi Triennale since 2013 in Shodo-Shima which was removed last year from its original site, will take part in the exhibition in Tokyo.

The work has been introduced in many articles and magazines, sometimes as a cover photograph of the monthly paper.

The artist has created "Secret of Hansuwa Island" by diving into the ocean many times to travel to a small island "Hanasuwa" seeing the island from the ocean, making amount of drawings from different angles to create this work. The installation is to see the view of the island from below, almost the artist has experienced.

Museum of Contemporary Art website

dates: March 19, 2022ーJune 19, 2022

*Please note that the gallery will be closed from march 19 to 22 to prevent further spread of COVID -19 following the policy of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The exhibition will be opening in March 23, 2022.

ArtTank is working as Kou Kana's studio, as the artist has pasted away in 2021, and supporting to realize her exhibitions and looking after all her works. Some of the available pieces by Kou Kana are shown in the following page.